Well-being Champions


At SSPP we believe it is important for pupils to have a voice and be able to influence decisions.  We have enlisted the help of some of our KS2 pupils to become Wellbeing Champions so they can  contribute ideas on how to improve the wellbeing of pupils across the school. 

We are currently in the process of electing new well-being champion.  Please find a link to the application form below and an overview of the role and the election process.  

Well-being Champion Application Form

The Role of a Well-being Champion

  A huge thank you to our current Well-being Champions who have done a fantastic job over the past year.  


Year 3 Maison & Archita
Year 4 Janelle & Aadhira
Year 5 Karina, Jasleen & Sabrina
Year 6 Millie, Imogen & Daniel


Our well-being team have been working hard to produce a poster advising children on ways to improve their well-being.