Well-being Champions 

At SSPP, our pupil Well-being Champions play a key role in providing support and guidance to other pupils in the school.  They have undertaken a rigorous selection process and training programme to ensure they are well-equipped for this role.  They are on duty every lunchtime in our playground helping pupils in a range of ways such as supporting those who are feeling angry or upset or helping to reconcile those who may have fallen out with their friends.   They receive regular supervision from our Well-being Champion Leader.  They also lead assemblies throughout the year, providing guidance on how to improve our mental health and well-being. 

At SSPP,  we also believe that pupil voice is very important and we meet regularly with our Well-being Champions so they can contribute ideas on how to improve the well-being of pupils across the school.


Our Recruitment & Training Process


Our Well-being Champion recruitment process takes place every year in the summer term.  We recruit pupils from Y3 to Y5 so they can be trained throughout the summer term ready to start their new roles in the new school year. 

Please find a link to the application form below and an overview of the role and the election process.  

Well-being Champion Application Form

 Information for Parents about the role

The Role of a Well-Being Champion


 Please find below a poster our past Well-being Champions have produced to help children improve their well-being.