Governor Overview


The school is constituted under the auspices of the Catholic Diocese of Brentwood. The Foundation Governors are appointed from the Diocese to ensure that the school remains faithful to the teaching and mission of the Church. There are two governors elected by the parents and one elected by the staff. The Headteacher is also a governor. Finally, one governor is appointed by the local authority. Each governor spends at least a day in school, observing, questioning and generally getting to know how the school works; its strengths and areas for development. They also attend many of the functions and events throughout the year.

The governors also have several formal meetings each term; full meetings and  a finance sub-committee to agree policies for the work of the school, to plan and review. Should parents wish to make a complaint, there is a complaints policy, available from the office. The first step as always to speak to the teacher, followed by the Headteacher. All problems are always resolved in this way.

Membership, Pecuniary & Business Interests

Governor Meetings & Minutes

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Ms Sarah Ramsay


Foundation Governor

Safeguarding & Safer Recruitment

Mr Nathan Ferrol

Vice Chair

Foundation Governor


Mrs Susan Johnson




Mr Alan Line

Parent Governor 


Mrs Claret Arul

Foundation Governor

Religious Education


Foundation Governor



Staff Governor


Mrs Corianne Ferraby 

Parent Governor 



Associate Governor

Health & Safety




Father Andrew Headon

Parish Priest