Design & Technology

At SS Peter and Paul’s, our vision is to provide children with a design and technology education that improves their design skills. We envision our children as the designers and inventors of the future, and therefore, need to provide them with a rich, diverse design curriculum which allows them to apply the learnt skills and knowledge to other subjects, particularly maths, science and art. Our school follows the National Curriculum, which supports clear skills and knowledge progression. This ensures that knowledge (be it explicit or procedural) is built on year by year and sequenced appropriately to maximise learning for all children.  'Food Technology', 'Textiles' and 'Construction' are the core areas for each year group.

For the full Design and Technology Curriculum Statement click here

For a clear progression document from the 'Design and Technology Association' click here

Golden Threads: Plan/Purpose; Make; Evaluate


SSPP Curriculum Design