Resources for parents

On this page you will find resources to support your child with their mental health and well-being.

Place2Be Parenting advice from our child mental health experts on support children’s wellbeing and manage behaviour.  Please click here to access support on all the areas listed below.

Using praise and reward

The importance of boundaries and consequences

Reading with your child

My child just says no to everything

Healthy habits for parenting

Safe social media for primary aged children

My child is feeling sad or low

Cultural identity:  who am I?

Playing with my child

Talking to my child about race and discrimination

My child has meltdowns

My chld has friendship issues

Co-parenting after a separation or divorce

Helping your child develop a positive body image

Raising a resilient child

When someone dies

Supporting health gaming habits

Understanding sibling rivalry

Our mealtimes are turning into a battle ground

My child is being bullied. What can I do?

Secondary school transition

Positive gender identify development

Routines and rituals

Helping your child when they start or change primary school

My child is anxious

Nurturing talents

My child says’ I hate you!’

My child thinks they need to be perfect

Peer pressure help your child manage

Help your child manage separation and goodbyes

Building secure relationships

My child pushes my buttons

My child is lying what does it mean, what should I do?

My child has trouble going to sleep

I’m going through a break up and want to support my child

My child might have bullied someone

My child and I keep getting into arguments

Building up your listening skills

My child still wets themself


Parent Anxiety Pack

Tips for talking for parents and carers

Child Mental Health and Well-being 10 Top Tips for Parents