Mental Health Support Team

 At SSPP,  we work closely with the Redbridge Mental Health Support Team.   Mental Health Support Teams (MHSTs) are a new service designed to help meet the mental health needs of children and young people in primary, secondary and further education (primarily for ages 5 to 18), by providing mental health support in schools, colleges and other education settings such as alternative provision.  

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Meet the Team


Hi, I am Lauren Coates, a Senior Specialist Educational Psychologist and Manager in Redbridge Mental Health Support Team.  My job is to work with chidlren, young people, parents/carers and schools to promote whole school emotional wellbeing.  I am committed to breaking the stigma around emotional wellbeing and mental health.  You will likely cross paths with me at coffee mornings or when I am delviering group support.  I also provide support to school staff through consultation and training.  I feel very priviledged to be working with the SSPP school community.

Hi, I am Beryl, an Educational Mental Health Practitioner with the Redbridge Mental Health Support Team and my job is to work with children, young people and parents/caregivers to support them with understanding emotions, developing positive self-esteem and finding the best ways to look after their mental health.  I am really looking forward to working with you all and seeing you around the school.



 Promoting Emotional Wellbeing at Home

Please see below the information the MHST shared with parents during their recent coffee morning workshop.

Promoting Emotional Wellbeing at Home Presentation

The PERMA Model of Wellbeing

Signposting Support for Children

Signposting Support for Parents