Physical Education


The Youth Sport Trust has created a vast amount of free resources, which will help you to stay active.  Click on the link below, scroll down to PE Home Learning,  Active Breaks, 60 Second Challenges or Active Learning and click on 'Free Resources'.



Please visit to log in using these updated details:

Username: SSPPHA    

Password: G1peter     


Real PE are offering free access to their ‘Jasmine’ activities.

The website address is:


Password: stpeterand


 For Zumba activities go to YouTube and type ‘Paula Watson Zumba’ into the search bar.  You will have a range of Zumba dances, which you can do along with your parents and other members of your family.


A range of quick blasts and short movement routines to encourage regular activity.


 Type 'joe wicks kids' into Google for a range of 5 minute and 8 minute workouts suitable for children.

Also check out the YouTube channel ‘TheBodyCoachTV’

Username: FFK1
Password: HealthyHomes

 Click on the content you wish to view.  You will be sent to a page titled ‘Par Q’.  You will be asked how many children are accessing this – type the number of children taking part in the box and hit return.  You will be taken straight to the video of your choice.  Click ‘Dashboard’ to return to the home screen of free resources.



This will take you to the home screen.  Look to the right hand side for the blue tab labelled 'New - Home PE'.  There are challenges for EYFS/KS1 and KS2 as well the Baby Shark challenge.






FA Skills 


Learn Cricket


Healthy Hopping