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Non-school uniform day - Tuesday 4th December

30 November 2018 (by adminuser)

Please note the non-school uniform day has been changed to Tuesday 4th December. Children can wear their own clothes but if they are going to do this, they must bring in a donation for the Bazaar from the list below.

Nursery and Reception:  sweets and biscuits tins, boxes, tubes, multi packs.

Year 1 & Year 2:  Bric-a-brac - small new items (pencil, pen packs that sort of thing), nearly new small teddies, toys, books and ornaments.

Year 3 & Year 4:  Toiletries - individual or gift set - new

Year 5 & Year 6:  Bottled beverages - soft drinks, wines, spirits.  Small unused or unwanted gift sets.

The bazaar will run from 3:30-5:30pm on Friday 14th December.  There will be various games, gift stalls and food and beverages to purchase.  All gifts and donations gratefully received.  

If you are willing to help setting up the event (from 1:30pm) or helping to run a stall, please email sspparentsassociation@hotmail.com.  Look for Laverne, Peter and Sachi if you want more information, or drop into the school office.