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Scholastic Book Club 1 - Finished

1 November 2020 (by adminuser)

The first Book Club (which ran until October 31st) has now ended. Only 5 parents made use of this system, but thankfully they spent over £85 between them, meaning that our school has gained over £17 free in rewards.

These books will be delivered to school in the coming days and will be sent home with the children.  If these are gifts for the children and you would rather pick them up directly from the office, please email Mr Roca-Mas using 6r@sspeterandpauls.redbridge.sch.uk and let him know.

We would like to run another Scholastic Book Club as we approach Christmas, so please look out for details on our website, in our Newsletter and on Twitter and Facebook.  If 5 parents can help raise funds for the school, think how much we could make if many more took up the opportuity to buy fantastic, cheap books with free delivery!