Article 12

Every child has the right to say what they think in all matters affecting them, and to have their views taken seriously.


February sees us focus on the right for all children to have voice and be heard.  When adults are making decisions that affect children, children have the right to say what they think should happen and have their opinions taken into account.

At SSPP children are encouraged to take an active part in their learning and the direction the school takes in creating a safe and stimulating environment for children to thrive.  School councillors are selected through a democratic vote from each class across the school.  They become the voice of their classes, sharing thoughts, views and opinions from their peers in a structured council setting.  These councillors also help to make up our Rights Respecting Steering Group, once again ensuring pupil voice is at the forefront of all decisions that are made.

Collaborative planning often takes place, giving children the chance to state what and how they want to learn.  We feel this is the best way for children to make progress, and become independent decision makers ready for the wider world which awaits them.