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Article 14

Every child has the right to think and believe what they want and also to practise their religion, as long as they are not stopping other people from enjoying their rights. Governments must respect the rights of parents to give their children guidance about this right.


For November we are looking at the freedom of thoughts, beliefs and religion.

Many children are aware of the name Guy Fawkes and what that represents at this time of year.  Back in 1605, the gunpowder plot had been devised in order to try and establish a Catholic head of state.  Catholics had been persecuted during the reign of Henry VIII and his daughter Elizabeth I and despite seeming more moderate, there was no real end to this persecution under James I.  Our children are shown how tolerance and understanding are key traits growing up in a multi-faith environment.

This article links, in part to Sustainable Development Goal 10 (reduce inequality) where inclusion is targeted irrespective of religion.