Article 29

Education must develop every child’s personality, talents and abilities to the full. It must encourage the child’s respect for human rights, as well as respect for their parents, their own and other cultures, and the environment.

Article 29 of the UNCRC Is the second part of the Convention which really looks at the goals of education.  The UNCRC says that a child or young person’s education should help their mind, body and talents be the best they can. It should also build their respect for other people and the world around them. In particular, they should learn to respect:

+ their rights and the rights of others

+ their freedoms and the freedoms of others

+ their parents

+ the identity, language and values of countries including their own.

Education should prepare children and young people for a responsible life in a free society. It should teach them how to live in an understanding and tolerant way that is non-violent and that respects the environment.

At SSPP we bookend our academic year by focusing on the goals of education.  This second article helps us to recognise that our school is about so much more than just academic achievement.  We work hard to celebrate and develop all the various talents displayed by our children.  July is a busy time with productions, concerts, sports day and exam results; it allows us to really show off our motto to ‘Be The Best You Can Be’.