SSPP Air Pollution and Traffic Initiative

Article 24
Every child has the right to the best possible health. Governments must provide good quality health care, clean water, nutritious food and a clean environment so that children can stay healthy.


We are an outward-looking school at SSPP, and wish to make a difference to the wider community.  With this in mind, we have made it our target this year to be involved in Government-led initiatives regarding air pollution and traffic controls in our area.


What Was Completed:

+ Mrs Johnson attended various meetings being run by the Mayor for London, with regards to (what as at the time) a new initiative. It was hoped it would have a very positive impact on our children and the local community.

+ Rights Respecting Steering Group/School Council met to discuss how we could raise awareness over air pollution.  Decisions were made regarding targeting the local community and council.

+ Poetry Competition: To tie in with National Poetry Day a competition was once again set across the school.  The theme selected for that year was ‘Air Pollution’.

+ Outright 2018: A whole-school homework was set as part of Outright 2018.  KS2 were asked to write postcards to members of Parliament, encouraging them to think about the effects of air pollution on children.  These were then sent away to the designated MPs.  KS1 made posters on the same theme.

+ Leaflet drop:  After creating leaflets centred on reducing the amount of air pollution (particularly caused by traffic) in our area, the Rights Respecting Steering Group/School Council have delivered these through the doors of local residents.  A set was also made available for parents to take and read, in the hope that they will think about how they travel with their children to school each day/

 + Air Pollution Week: This ran at the end January.  Each year group completed a set of lessons built around understanding air pollution and then collecting data to be used at a later date.
Nursery and Reception – Why is air important?  Why do we need to breathe clean air?
Year 1 – Vaseline paper plate pollution catcher.
Year 2 – Surface Wipe Analysis
Year 3 – Idling Survey (Number of cars in the local area)
Year 4 – Lichen Bio-Indicator Study
Year 5 – Ozone strips
Year 6 – Diffusion Tube Samples

+ Rights Respecting Steering Group/School Council visited the local Town Hall to meet regarding our initiative.

+ Slogan Competition – winners were chosen from across each year group with the overall winning entry turned into t.shirts for the children to wear during their leaflet drop.  This will be revealed shortly.

+ Government-driven project launched. 
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