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China Day 2

Sunday 23rd October 2016

We met up with the Chinese teachers and some teachers from the other primary school in our party and we headed out to Rainbow Square in Yangzhou.  The group of Chinese teachers wanted to take us to the best restaurant in the area for a traditional Chinese breakfast.  This turned out to be a full on banquet consisting of dumplings, fried rice, tofu, salted duck eggs and an assortment of other dishes.  Just as you could not imagine eating anything else, they brought out yet another dish! 

Afterwards we went on a tour of Slender West Lake, a  famous park and lake in the city which forms part of Yang zhou city moat and was created during the Qing Qianlong period.  During the tour, our guide pointed out the local trees which are mainly willow and the famous local flowers.  The lake and surrounding gardens, dotted with ornamental bonsai trees, beautiful, colourful gardens, tea houses, lucky animal statues, picturesque bridges and pagodas, proved an amazing sight. Our trip ended with a dragon boat ride back down the canal and an impromtu serenade by our boat girl, as she paddled down the canal.

Before we knew it, it was lunch time and what turned out to be another feast consisting of crispy duck which was carved to perfection in front of us! Full to the brim, we then headed off to China Block Printing Museum for a local history tour and an opportunity to watch master block printers at work.  Then believe it or not it was dinner time.  It was only 5pm and our third meal of the day which was an 'eat all you can buffet'.  The Chinese people certainly like to show their hospitality through food!  Later we learnt that Chinese people like to feed their guests so well so they will not feel home sick.