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SS Peter and Paul's Catholic Primary School

'We show our love for God in the way we treat each other. Together we follow Jesus by learning and sharing our gifts'

Teacher Contact Details

Dear Parents and Pupils,
In order to provide another means of contact for you and your children during this extended period of lockdown, we are providing an email address for you to make use of should the need arise.
All questions relating to home learning can still be written directly on the Blog (as they have been) as this allows other children the chance to see them, but if, as parents, you have a more sensitive question to ask, then the email address will allow you to do so in a less public forum.
Please note that this type of contact should be kept to within school hours and only used when the Blog is not an appropriate means of seeking a response.  Teachers will always try to respond in a timely manner.
Any emails must come from a valid email address which can be replied to accordingly.


Miss Ahmad  Biberani - ra@sspeterandpauls.redbridge.sch.uk